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Honorary Prize 2019 to Anna Maria Person

The honorary prize which is awarded an employee or a group of employees that has eased the studies for students or has worked on strengthening the student voice. This year the honorary



Colloquium by Barry Simon: "Tales of Our Forefathers"

On Wednesday, August 21st the world-renowned mathematical physicist, Prof. Barry Simon, will visit Lund University and



Andreas Jakobsson fick teknologkårens pedagogiska pris

Andreas Jakobsson has been awarded the engineering students’ pedagogical prize.



Spikning of PhD Thesis

On Tuesday 21th of May 2019 Johan Brynolfsson has nailed his PhD Theses titled "Estimation and Classification of




Doktorand i numerisk analys, Lunds universitet, Matematikcentrum LTH. Ansök senast 2019-09-19

Postdoktor i numerisk analys, Lunds universitet, Matematikcentrum LTH. Ansök senast: 2019-09-11

Postdoktor i Realtidsindividualisering av BCI, Lunds Universitet, Matematikcentrum LTH. Ansök senast: 2019-09-04

Forskare i matematik, datorseende och maskininlärning, Lunds Universitet, Matematikcentrum LTH. Ansök senast: 2019-09-05

Ekonomi/personaladministratör, Lunds Universitet, Matematikcentrum LTH. Ansök senast: 2019-08-25


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