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Written examination

Several examination opportunities and re-examination opportunities are offered during the academic year. For more information on when the exams take place visit exam-schedule.

Each examination opportunity (for the written examinations) can be used as a re-examination opportunity.

Exam registration

It is mandatory to register for the exam.

If the exam you wish to register for is not visible on the studentportal you can, during the periods that LTH allows registration, contact the administration at and they will help with the registration. In the email you should include course code, exam date, name and social security number.

For more information about exam-registration and general information about exams at LTH please visit Student Website LTH exam.

Exam registration for students with special needs

Students with special needs who require special arrangments such as extended writing time should, in addition to registeing for the exam, contact the student administarton office no later than 3 weeks before the exam. This must be done before every written examination.

Mandatory assignments

Some courses contain obligatory assignments other than the written exam. In many cases, these must be completed in order to take the exam (and have the exam corrected).

Prior to the re-examination periods, we offer the opportunity to complete obligatory assignments such as laboratory work and quizzes. Information about this is posted further down under the tab Mandatory assignments.

Re-examinations for inactive courses

If you are registered on a course that is no longer active, you still have the opportunity to take the exam, so long as the course-content corresponds to an active course. Contact if you are unsure about what applies to your course.

Past exams

The last two years exams for each course are under the corresponding course in the list of mathematics courses.

To the courses


We always have the ambition to finish grading the exams as quickly as possible.

Students with very good reasons, such as if a passed exam is required to receive study grants again, can apply for faster grading.

This is done by emailing no later than one week before the exam.

We do not usually grant faster exam grading if the reason is that the course is a prerequisite.

Director of studies

Anders Holst
tel: + 46 (0)46-222 34 05
room 553

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