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Old Courses

As a natural part of the development of the programme its structure is updated and the syllabi revised periodically. This restructuring and revision work often results in changed course codes.

Even if a course code change only reflects minor changes in the syllabi, the old and the corresponding new course are different in formal terms. From the time the course code has been changed, the old course is considered inactive and no new students can be registered on such a course. Also, students cannot be re-registered on a course that has become inactive and they cannot automatically be registered on the new course.

On the other hand, resit examinations on an inactive course are offered during a few years after closing and usually in connection with the corresponding new course's scheduled examinations.

During the past two academic years the codes of many of our courses have changed and we plan to introduce several new courses in the upcoming academic years. The latest course offerings can be accessed from the left menu.

What to do if you want to complete a course that has become inactive

  •  If you intend to read the course again, you should apply for the new corresponding course at
  • If you have been registered on such a course and you only intend to complete one or several examination parts (written or oral examination, assignments, etc.), you should inform the director of studies about this when the new course starts. We can then let you access the Canvas page of the new course. You must also inform us at least three weeks before an examination you intend to attend.
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