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Mathematics Specialisation, Course Requirements

To obtain a master's degree in mathematics, the following course requirements apply from the autumn semester 2020 (updated 2022).

      At least 45 higher education credits of the courses must be courses in mathematics at advanced level among the courses below.

      Course code

      Course name, credits

      Term, period, study pace

      MATM12Analytic Functions, 15 crAutumn,  50%
      MATM20Mathematical modelling, 7.5 crSpring P2, 50%
      MATM30Mathematical Foundations of Probability , 7.5 crAutumn P2, 50%
      MATM31Algebraic Structures, 7.5 crSpring P2, 50%
      MATM33Differential Geometry, 7.5 crAutumn P1, 50%
      MATM35Number Theory, 7.5 crAutumn P2, 50%
      MATM36Topology, 7.5 crSpring P1, 50%
      MATM37Ordinary Differential Equations 2, 7.5 cr

      Spring P1, 50%

      MATM39Integration Theory, 7.5 crSpring P1, 50%
      MATM41Galois Theory, 7.5 crAutumn P1, 50%
      MATM43Specialised Course in Differential Geometry, 7.5 crSpring, 25%
      MATM44Introduction to Algebraic Topology, 7.5 crSpring, 25%
      MATM45Analytic Number Theory, 7.5 crAutumn P2, 50%, tba
      MATM46Representation Theory, 7.5 crAutumn P2, 50%, even years
      MATM48Fourier Analysis, 7.5 crSpring P2, 50%
      MATP31Distribution Theory, 7.5 crSpring, 25%, odd years
      MATP32Harmonic Analysis, 7.5 crAutumn P2, 50%, even years
      MATP33Group and Ring Theory, 7.5 crAutumn P1, 50%
      MATP35Linear Functional Analysis, 7.5 crAutumn, 25%
      MATP36Partial Differential Equations, 7.5 cr

      Spring P2, 50%, even years

      MATP39Specialised Course in Integration Theory, 7.5 crSpring P2, 50%
      MATP43Representation Theory for Quivers and Algebras, 7.5 crAutumn P2, 50%, odd years
      MATP45Specialised Course in Linear Functional Analysis, 7.5 crAutumn, 25%

      The elective courses comprise a total of 45 higher education credits. Among these at least 15 credits must be additional courses in mathematics, numerical analysis and mathematical statistics. A maximum of 30 credits may be courses at basic level or courses in other subject areas.

      Relavant courses in mathematics, numerical analysis and mathematical statistics are listed under Course Offerings available on the left menu.

      The programme ends with a degree project that can be carried out at half study pace during the second year or at full study pace in the last semester within the programme.

      Older course requirements

      For students admitted to the programme before the autumn semester of 2020, the following course requirements apply, see links below: