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Mathematics is subject divided in basic, applied and cross-border mathematics. Classical division of the subject is into algebra, analysis and geometry where research frontiers are driven by scientific and applicable problems and problem solving.

In the field of applied mathematics image analysis and computer vision might be mentioned. Based on the image sequences methods for recognition, reconstruction and motion analyses are developed to be applied in for instance IT, medical technology, robotics, meteorology.

Partial differential equations have a strong research tradition in Lund, and are basis for many different areas of application. One of the rapidly growing research areas is dynamical systems for study of general principles of evolution processes. Other areas of interest are harmonic analysis, operator theory, computer algebra, optimisation and complex analysis.

Mathematical Statistics

Mathematical statistics is area of mathematics focused on probability and chance. The theoretical research is focused on probability theory, statistical theory and methodology. Applied research has its main focus on below areas:

  • Biology and medicine; Research in bioinformatics applies methods for analysis of genetic connection to hereditary diseases. Statistical signal processing and statistical image analysis is searching for useful diagnostic tools for instance in neurology.
  • Environment, climate and risk; Climate and weather are examples of nature processes developing in rather random way and by chance. Important research area is effect of slowly changing climate on extreme weather. Statistical research regarding risk is connected to the models for wear, fatigue and construction safety.
  • Economy and finances; In financial application of economic forecasts, methods for risk management, optimisation and pricing in regards to electricity trade and production are developed.

Numerical Analysis and Computing

Numerical analysis and computing is field that is developing methods for solving complex mathematical problems with help of a computer.

In the research emphasis is on contracting, analysing and programming solution algorithms which are effective in solving complex problems. Methods are applicable when for instance calculating pathways of the planets and stars, strength of the materials used in in hip and knee prostheses and other complex calculations.

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