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The aim of the talks is to bring math PhDs together and give them an opportunity to practice holding presentations.

When? Every second Tuesday 15:15-16:00.

Upcoming talks:

Past talks:

Spring 2023:

- 24/01 - Ivar Persson, A method for 3D shape reconstruction. MH:228

- 07/02 - Olof Rubin, Best approximations in different settings. MH:228

- 21/02 - Germán Miranda, A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Nodal Domains. MH:228

- 07/03 - Jaime Manríquez, Mathematical-Ecological Model for the Evolution of Sand Filters (MEMES-F). MH:227

- 21/03 - Alejandro Sponheimer, Dynamical Borel–Cantelli Lemmas, MH:228

- 04/04 - Filip Winzell, Deep Learning for Prostate Cancer Diagnostics. MH:228

- 18/04 -  Wilhelm Treschow, Floquet theory for dummies. MH:228

- 09/05 - Jan Thomm, Extensions of Quiver Representations. MH:227

- 23/05 - Armand Ley (University of Haute-Alsace), A gentle introduction to entropic optimal transport. MH:227

Fall 2022:

- 27/09 - Emil Engström, Nonhomogenous Boundary Value Problems and Trace Theorems. MH:228

- 11/10 - Raul Hindov, Discrete Fourier uncertainty.  MH:228

- 25/10 - Anna Gummeson, Towards minimal solvers for camera position estimation and triangulation using cylinders, or first class of computer vision and an application where we solve polynomial equations. MH:228

- 08/11 - Jan Thomm, Representations of Quivers and Normalform Problems for Matrices. MH:333

- 22/11 - Magnus Fries. My mama always said a matrix was like a box of numbers. MH:333

- 06/12 - Erik Tegler, Fantastic inliers and where to find them. MH:333

Spring 2022:

- 03/03 - Jaime Manríquez, Crash course in finite element methods. MH:227 (You can find the slides and the Matlab code here)

- 17/03 - Alex Bergman, Boundary values of power series. MH:228

- 31/03 - Martin Ahrnbom, Camera calibration and 2D-3D mapping for safer traffic and saving lives and stuff.MH:227

- 21/04 - Frej Dahlin, Binary Image Representation using Complex Rational Functions. MH:227

- 05/05 - Axel Berg, Time difference of arrival estimation using neuronal networks. MH:227

- 19/05 - Felix Augustsson, Synchronization in the Kuramoto model. MH:227

- 16/06 - Samuele Sottile, Inverse resonance problem for Love elastic waves. MH:227


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Germán Miranda


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